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NotPetya ransomware attack cost us $300m – shipping giant Maersk

Posted at Aug 16, 2017
The Register
“It was frankly quite a shocking experience,” said Skou. “Your email goes down, all your address system. We ended up having to use WhatsApp on our private phones. Most business problems, you will have an intuitive idea on what to do. But with this and my skills, I had no intuitive idea on how to move forward.”
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Newcastle City Council admits adoption data leak

Posted at Jul 17, 2017
The details of thousands of children and their adoptive parents were leaked in a party invitation sent out by Newcastle City Council. Information about 2,743 individuals was sent to 77 people in an email attachment by mistake last month, the authority said. The council blamed the data breach on "human error", adding it had taken steps to contact all those involved. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is investigating and has the power to levy a fine of up to £500,000.
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