Secure your organisation from email attacks & data loss

Protect against phishing, impersonation and virus attacks. Prevent outgoing data loss or leakage.

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Real-time cloud security for Office 365 and Gmail

Vigilion protects organisations of all sizes - from startups to government bodies.

Our solution offers several layers of defence, screening both incoming and outgoing emails, preventing cyber attacks and data loss.

1.3 million

UK businesses were affected by email attacks in 2016, with losses reaching £6 billion.

£22 billion

estimated fines levied on EU organisations over the past 5 years under stricter data rules.

Incoming Email Threat Protection

Vigilion scans incoming emails to defend from:

Phishing emails

We block any fake emails sent by scammers, preventing virus attacks or accidental disclosure of sensitive data and security information via fake links.

Malware, ransomware and viruses

We scan all attachments, whether coming from a genuine sender or a scammer, stopping dangerous viruses and ransomware from reaching your organisation.

Impersonation attempts

Our algorithm identifies scammers who pretend to be important members of your or associated organisation, preventing financial or data fraud.

Outgoing Email and Data Protection

Vigilion monitors outgoing email, to prevent:

Loss or leakage of sensitive data

We detect and encrypt sensitive data being sent from your email, preventing data leakage due to human error and reducing GDPR compliance risks.

Sending out malicious emails

We stop malicious emails leaving organisation, which can occur if you suffer a cyber attack, protecting your reputation.

Why Vigilion?

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Vigilion will work invisibly in the background, stopping email threats from reaching your employees and preventing data security breaches.